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«Barman» products consist of popular and original salty nut snacks to beer made is a stylish man design and for acceptable price.

«Barman» line is dedicated to true fresh beer lover, for those who like to bring out its barley taste with original salty snacks, who is used to equally enjoy taste of this drink alone and with friends.

«Barman» salty nuts and cocktails are ideal for every occasion: on a journey, at home, in the country, outside or in a restaurant, with friends or alone.

«Barman» main advantages:
  • Selected salty nuts and original mixes with constant high demand.
  • Optimized price quality ratio.
  • Three-layer metalized packaging prevents sunbeams penetration, guarantees packaging impermeability and increases shelf life of the product.
  • Inert gas that is used during packaging prevents products’ oxidation and preserves taste during a long time.
  • Shelf stand out and awareness thanks to original and appetizing name and design.
  • Convenient individual pre-pack for personal consumption and economic large packs for companies.
Product Pack weight, gr. Pieces per carton Shelf life (months) Pack bar code Carton bar code
Beer mix Barmen 100 18 10 4620004433367 24620004433361
Beer mix Barmen 35 65 10 4620004432957 14620004432954
Deep fried salty peanut Barmen 100 18 10 4620004433350 24620004433354
Deep fried salty peanut Barmen 35 65 10 4620004432926 14620004432923
Roasted salty almond in shell Barmen 100 18 12 4620004433398 24620004433392
Roasted salty almond in shell Barmen 35 50 12 4620004433381 14620004433388
Roasted salty pistachios Barmen 100 15 12 4620004433374 24620004433378
Roasted salty pistachios Barmen 35 55 12 4620004432933 14620004432930