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Pre-packed products «Naturfoods» - wide assortment of nuts, dried fruits and mixes under trade marks «Snack&Go», Botanica, Barman.

Specially for you we created balanced assortment. Our marks include both the most popular kinds of nuts, dried fruits and exotic products. We invented for you fruit and nut cocktails ad mixes with interesting taste combinations.

Products Snack&Go, Botanica, Barman are characterized by high quality, environmental friendliness and perfect taste. High quality products in convenient and attractive packaging will satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumer.

Naturfoods - fruits and nuts suit any taste!

Snack&Go line includes most popular nuts, dried fruits and mixes of the highest quality in modern design. Positive and dynamic, it stands out on the shelf. Snack&Go products are meant for active, young and dynamic people, for those who can find the best in the world around us. Specially for them we developed assortment for every occasion: to take on a journey, to a company of friends or just outside – convenient packages and popular tastes.

Snack&Go - take it along!

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Following healthy nutrition principles we created a line of products for people looking after their health and consuming only eco-pure products. Botanica line is made of selected raw materials and guarantees the highest quality. All products pass through a 4-stage quality control that gives you only the best!

Botanica - for true ladies!

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Barman line is an original salty snack for true fresh beer lovers, for those who like to bring out its barley taste, who is used to equally enjoy this drink alone and in a company of friends.

For adults only! Strictly for 18+!

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