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Retail operators

For retail chains we offer unique service – «Private label for 1 day!».

«NaturFoods» company offers its clients possibility to strengthen their competitive advantages and minimize costs thanks to the project «Private label for 1 day!».

Private label by «Naturfoods» is:

  • Your profit in the shortest time
  • Increase of loyal consumers in your chain
  • High quality nuts and dried fruits under your own brand
  • Full complex of services – from idea generation to ready product release

Main advantages of partnership with the company «NaturFoods»:

  • We always have in stock ready packing materials with bright attractive design that will stand out on the shelf;
  • Pre-packing of all kinds and weights;
  • Fair price/quality ratio;
  • Products from world suppliers with sound reputations;
  • Quality and safety guarantee confirmed by certificates and production audits.

How do you order a private label for 1 day?
Just call us at +7 (495) 669-67-97 and we will answer all your questions!