About NaturFoods

NaturFoods holds the leading position in the nut and dried fruit market as well as supplying the raw materials for use as ingredients within other products soldthroughout the food and confectionery industry. Our product line is distributed across the entire territory of the CIS and Baltic States. And at this time we hold a significant percentage of the Russian market as well.

The Sales Growth Dynamics of NaturFoods:  

  • NaturFoods has worked in the wholesale nut and dried fruit market for many years.    
  • Today, although many companies have since entered the Russian market, NaturFoods continues to hold the leading position. 
  • Recently, the dynamics of NaturFoods’ sales growth have considerably surpassed standard expectations. This fact is visible proof of the Company management’s ongoing success. 

The Dynamics of the Russian Market 

The sales growth of the Russian nut and dried fruit market has been approximately 11% per year. The Market itself is characterized by seasonal demand.
NaturFoods’ growth over the last three years was 25%.

NaturFoods’  Mission:

We care for people’s HEALTH, giving them every day


Business Philosophy and Management:

…The development of the Company is directly connected with the success of our Partners. We pay careful attention to each and every one of our Partners, in order to better understand the synergy of our Company combined with theirs. This allows us to meet the needs of each Partner to the utmost. 
NaturFoods is a holding that has:
  • A large international trader controlling purchasing at international and regional levels;
  • A Sales Company managing sales of products;
  • A Manufacturing Company for adaptation and pre-packaging of products for both our own needs and those  of Our Partners;
  • The General Board of Management is responsible for the management of the Company. This enables the effective coordination of all the companies of the Holding, allowing them to work together in the most optimal ways. 

Marketing and Promotions

…Our Company closely watches and follows the latest developments in the market, making it possible for us to forecast consumer demand and accurately schedule shipments of the entire range of products being offered.  

Logistics and Warehousing 

…The capacity of the Company warehouse complex allows for long-term storage of products, thereby maintaining freshness for a maximum period of time…
…Highly accurate computer system designed for tracking inventory and shipments, which guarantees both rapid assessment on storage statistics and high rates of product turnover.
…Warehouse complex is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing us to always serve our Customers.    


…Having our own factory provides the best conditions for adaptation as well as pre-packaging of our products, giving us full flexibility when it comes to the manufacture of products precisely according to need, with the Company receiving the greatest benefit from such production.